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This is a professional Plastic Bender designed to work with all types of thermoplastic materials including Acrylic,ABS, PVC,PP,PE,PC,Plexiglas,etc.

We are on the generation of hot bending of edge tools on the basis of the improvement to upgrade the product, use the PCT heating components, safety and energy saving, warming faster, longer service life, automatic constant temperature, without tedious temperature Settings, it is more convenient to use. This set includes one piece of Acrylic Round Curving Bender and one piece of Acrylic Sharp 90° Bender.


Power: 60W(Round Bender), 39W(90° Bender)
Temperature: 200°C±5%
Round bender Size: 100mm*50mm*2
90° bender size : 100mm*2.5mm*2