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Line Perspex Benders




The traditional bending machine is multi function, volume greatly, while the heat bending is often required in construction according to the actual shape of field processing, carrying a large bending machine to the construction site and indeed trouble, so we need a capable of convenient carrying, simple operation machine. People want to buy one heat bending machine but don't want to take too many workshop’s area to solve the problem.


SKS series Plastic Bending Machine is designed and upgraded on the demands. 


 Performance characteristics:

 We are on the generation of heat bending of edge tools on the basis of the improvement to upgrade the product, safety and energy saving, warming faster, longer service life. The width of bending: 100mm - 2400mm, the working temperature is adjustable and good water cooling system, light and practical to save space, a variety of plastic materials.


Compact structure, reasonable design, it can be combined with the table into a heat bending machine, also can be used alone, does not occupy space.