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CorelDRAW 2019

CorelDRAW Courses

We also provide a 2 day long CorelDRAW course witch can be done at the clients premises and/ or in the heart of Hartbeespoortdam at our offices. 

Who should attend CorelDRAW training?

The CorelDraw Course is suitable for anyone who requires graphic design training. It will allow website developers to create web pages, publishers to create brilliant vector graphics, and graphic designers to reach their full potential in terms of design.

The CorelDRAW training course will equip you with the skills needed to produce a broad range of documents in the graphic design trade.

You will learn how to create engaging newsletters and product leaflets, along with compelling adverts and posters.  Creating, formatting and manipulating text and images will become a breeze, while producing sales material for either internal use or for commercial printing will increase your worth as a designer. You will learn how to get logo's vector based ready for any Printer or Laser Engraver.

What you will learn ???

CorelDraw 2019 Training Course

  • Lesson 1 Introduction
  • Lesson 2 Creating basic objects
  • Lesson 3 Manipulating objects
  • Lesson 4 Working with text
  • Lesson 5 Aids to accuracy
  • Lesson 6 Creating complex objects
  • Lesson 7 Images and clipart
  • Lesson 8 Effects
  • Lesson 9 Printing

    CorelDraw 2019 Course Full outline

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    • CorelDRAW overview
    • Navigating within a document
    • Show/hide palettes
    • Using Zoom & Viewing modes
    • The interface

      Lesson 2: Creating basic objects

      • Using the drawing tools
      • Drawing rectangles, circles, polygons & lines
      • Setting object fills & outlines
      • Copying object attributes

        Lesson 3: Manipulating objects

        • Select/Move/Resize objects
        • Rotate & skew objects
        • Altering the pivot point
        • Copying objects
        • Group and lock
        • Changing the stacking order

          Lesson 4: Working with text

          • Artistic vs paragraph text
          • Adding & Formatting artistic text
          • Adding paragraph text
          • Setting paragraph options
          • Using Spell check
          • Using Find and Replace
          • Importing text

            Lesson 5: Aids to accuracy

            • Customising the ruler & grid
            • Using snap-to
            • Moving the zero point
            • Moving the ruler
            • Specifying precise object parameters

              Lesson 6: Creating complex objects

              • Creating bézier curves
              • Using Tools: – shape, freehand, knife & eraser
              • Reshaping paths
              • Converting text to paths
              • Combining objects

                Lesson 7: Images and clipart

                • Importing bitmaps & clipart
                • Inserting symbols
                • Creating symbols
                • Crop/Edit/Export Bitmaps

                  Lesson 8: Effects

                  • Fit Text To Path
                  • Transforming objects with envelopes
                  • Creating blends
                  • Drop shadows
                  • The artistic media tool
                  • Extruding objects
                  • Applying PowerClips

                    Lesson 9: Printing

                    • Choosing the right file format
                    • Printing documents
                    • Setting print options
                    • Creating print styles
                    • Exporting