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   I series Marking System

StellarMark I-Series Laser Marker is a comprehensive solution that satisfies customers with diverse requirements. StellarMark I-Series is easy to install, easy to operate, designed with simple maintenance and safety considerations while providing superior output quality.

WORK AREA: 70mm x 70mm - 180mm x 180mm

  C series Marking System

StellarMark is ideal for industrial applications. Not only the key components are sourced from world’s leading suppliers to ensure output quality and stability, it also has the flexibility for manufactures to handle more complex jobs with our new G-Mark Library software. It constructively offers smart designs of password protection and error detection to prevent operators from making unnecessary mistakes, and detects problems without delay. StellarMark is built to accomplish all your needs and to achieve a higher level of productivity.

WORK AREA: 10mm x 10mm - 300mm x 300mm


A full table size production marker, GCC LaserPro delivers an easy to operate DPSS laser marking system which yields spectacular marking results. The S290LS is a marking specialist engineered for performance and produces excellent output quality. Whether it is a graphic on metallic surfaces, markings on plastic surfaces, or simply barcodes on metal tools, the S290LS produces the finest markings. Furthermore, innovative features developed from LaserPro's years of experience makes the S290LS the most user-friendly system on the market.

WORK AREA: 740mm x 460mm (pass trough front and rear doors)

LFC Workstation integrates various processing modes and exclusive accessories to meet customers’ need. 700x400mm working table is able to place large objects and setup fixtures effortlessly. LFC Workstation is considered a class 1 device to ensure user safe and sound is the best industrial solution.

WORK AREA: 700mm x 400mm